Carl’s Students


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Private instruction page for Carl’s students

I offer private lessons in:*

*All lessons include music theory, history, and form and analysis as an integrated part of the lessons.

All students need to have:

  1. a 30 minute attention span

  2. the ability to practice at home (e.g. a piano or full-sized keyboard, their own sax or clarinet)

  3. uninterrupted practice time specifically scheduled during the day

  4. a notebook or binder for assignments

  5. a music stand if applicable

  6. books relative to their course of study

  7. support and encouragement from their family

Lessons are traditional in nature and include exposure to classical, jazz, folk, broadway, and popular music. 

Each May, my wife and I host a combined studio recital in our home. Students are encouraged to participate but are not required to and it is very casual and relaxed. There is no recital fee. When a student is accepted into the studio I provide a calendar of holidays and my studio policies. For questions about my teaching philosophy, please email me at or the link below.

  1. Piano:

       Jazz and Classical

       Beginning through advanced studies

  1. Improvisation

  2. Composition

  3. Arranging

  4. Saxophone and Clarinet

  5.     Beginning through upper intermediate studies

Testing pianos at Steinway Hall in New York City!